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About Me


I live in a “log cabin” on an acre with a creek. After my mother’s passing, my 94 year-old Dad (at the time), came to live with me. This required my presence at home more. For 30 years I designed houses, and that business had dwindled to nothing with the change in the economy….

I had  taken up a new hobby of making bags, and accessories from deerskin, which I had gotten from my mother, from hers and Dad’s years of hunting. Dad gave me an awl and a leather punch and I began by making gifts for friends and family.  I’m a nut about deerskin. It’s so soft and smells so good.!! (Some suggest I’m channeling my Pocahontas ancestor, with some of the native american styles I’ve come up with. Let’s see, did she make purses and bags?)

My family suggested I make some to sell, and the orders haven’t stopped yet. In a short time, I ran out of those deerskins…and had to look for more.!!

I also make things out of leather jackets, skirts, etc. Recycling is good for all of us and is fun and creative .!! You’ll find that I recycle other items too – such as the bottom of a bleach bottle in a purse, or another type container…I use plastic pieces for stiffeners, and they may be the side of a soap bottle or a box or jar. I can’t throw anything away!

I’ve had good luck selling my items locally….and a few online. Some of my clients have suggested that I get a web site, so they can see my latest designs.

I do custom orders, and will work on your project until it pleases you.

This is something I really enjoy doing, and hope to continue for a long time.!!!

Your comments and/or suggestions are welcome…as I continually try to improve.

Favorite Quotations

This too shall pass.
Shoulda’s and Coulda’s don’t count.
Don’t sweat the small stuff…’s all small stuff.

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